Clubs and Organizations

  • Encore Choir

    • Encore is a choir for 6th and 7th graders that meets before school on Mondays and Wednesday from 7:15am to 8am.

    • Boys and girls will sing for concerts, field trips and competitions.

    • Students will have a lot of fun learning to sing and learning to read music.

    • Encore began September 9th, but it is never too late to join!

    • You don’t have to have choir scheduled during the school day to participate. All students are welcome! 

  • 8th Grade Ensemble

    • 8th Grade Ensemble is a choir for 8th grade girls and boys who love to sing.

    • This choir is open to any student and you do not have to have choir scheduled during the school day to join.

    • Classes meet before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning Tuesday, September 17th from 7:15am to 8am.

    • This choir sings at Solo & Ensemble Festival in January and for concerts and field trips throughout the school year.

  • Yearbook

    • Our after school yearbook club has started! We can use people to help with marketing, layouts, distribution, and design. You can even help design the page for a team or club you're involved in! You can help throughout the year or short-term!

    • Email if you're interested.

    • Did you know that every Hillside student can be a yearbook photographer? We are always collecting photos for our pages. Email them to: Photos taken must have consent from all individuals in the picture and be taken in green zones (or yellow zones with teacher permission). Photos of after school events, club meetings, team games/practices are also encouraged. Pictures with 3-8 people have the greatest changes of being used in the yearbook. Let's work together to capture all of this year's special moments and create Hillside's best yearbook yet!

  • Academic Games

    • Does your 8th grader enjoy strategy games that require you to think fast to outwit your opponent? Does your 8th grader like math and logic puzzles? If so, consider joining the Hillside Academic Games team. Check out our website at

    • There are other options available for Minor, Elementary and Junior players along with info on the Summer Camp for next year.

  • Environmental Conservation Club

    • In this club, you will learn about pollution, endangered species, deforestation and much more.

    • The objective for this club is to show students how they can help make a positive impact.

    • You will also get the chance to take part in numerous fun activities.

    • See Mr. Bergin for more information.

  • Hillside Science Olympiad

    • Interested in joining the Hillside Science Olympiad Team?  

    • There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 6pm. All 6-8th graders and parents are welcome.  Please join us via this Zoom link

    • This year's format will be different but we're excited about learning science and having fun.  Please visit our website for detailed information and event description.  There are some changes from last year.  We ask that you sign up using the link below so you can get the latest info from us:  Hillside Science Olympiad Registration

  • Mathcounts Club

    • Hillside Mathcounts Club is a national Gold level club.

    • All 6th, 7th and 8th grade Math Lovers are welcome to join!

    • All meetings and competitions will be hosted on-line in the 2020-2021 Program Year. A Detailed meeting schedule will be announced in early October.

    • SignUp:

    • Contact:

  • Model United Nations

    • Join the Hillside Model United Nations club for our 2020-2021 season! We are a club that enables students to learn the art of debate through the understanding of the fundamental concepts of parliamentary procedure. When all preparation is said and done, students have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned through the simulation of United Nations conferences. The club meets on Wednesdays at 3:30pm. To be added onto the club's email list as well as for further information, email

  • Overbooked, The Northville Youth Network Book Club

    • Parenting is hard. Your Book Club shouldn’t be!

    • Overbooked is an opportunity to meet monthly with other local parents to discuss a specific book or article that explores hot topics in parenting and the emotional well being of our kids. See this flyer for the Fall/Winter 2020 Book selections.

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